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Lifemate Clinic Plus Nebulizing System
with Medicine Saver Device
Single Patient Use with Inspiratory Flow
Nebulization Rate : 0.25 gms/min.
Medicine Flow : Continuous or Interrupted
Sterilization : Cold Chemical Sterilization /
By Boiling
Compressor : Motorized Oil-Free Diaphragm, Heavy Duty, Long Life, Maintenance Free
nebulizer, compressor nebulizer, lifemate nebulizer
: Continuous Use, Class F Insulation with Thermal Cut out, Power Consumption - 50 watts,
Voltage : 230 Volts ± 5%
Ambient Temperature : Upto 50oC
Spares & Accessories : Medicine Saver, Mask, Filter and Low Flow Adaptor
Warranty : 1 year (for Motor & Compressor only)

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